In vino veritas I Recommendation

Twenty years have passed since Fattoria Le Pupille’s owner, Elisabetta Geppetti, began her career as a winemaker and, today, the estate is known for its great wines, its striving for quality, and its history. Morellino di Scansano and the white Poggio Argentato have firmly established themselves on the international wine scene – quelling any initial doubts the market had about wines from an area that was initially less famous than other Tuscan wine zones.

Today, Elisabetta runs a business producing over 500,000 bottles per year, has placed her wines in the world’s most prestigious restaurants and has become an honorary ‘ambassador’ of the Maremma. The red grape varieties grown are almost all native to Tuscany: Sangiovese – in this area characterized by small berries and called Morellino – is planted in 80% of the vineyards given over to reds. Alicante and Malvasia Nera make up another 15%, while Cabernet Sauvignon (3.5%) and Merlot (1.5%), which were planted in 1983 and 1985, reflect the estate’s forward- thinkingness at that time.

Elisabetta says: “Over time I have come to realize that we are ourselves ‘products’ of the earth and I began to see that the wine is, and must be, linked to the people who live here. It has to converse with them and grow alongside them.”

If you take a look at the beautiful landscape, which is covered by the thick scrub of the ‘macchia mediterranea,’ with broom, the ‘strawberry tree,’ oak, holm oak and many aromatic herbs. The hillsides are now dominated by the geometry of vineyards, and dotted amongst them are the ancient towns of Scansano, Magliano in Toscana, Pereta, Sorana and Sovana.