La Mer and the law of attraction – Eyes eyes baby!

The Iluminating Eye Gel - Illuminating Ferment
Illuminating Ferment with brown algae

When captivating others, there’s one basic rule: the bigger and brighter your eyes, the more beautiful you appear. Simple and true, La Mer´s illuminating eye gel helps to enhance this effect.

La Mer illuminating eye gel CHF 160

It calms and cools on contact. It provides a beautiful soft focus effect, yet it illuminates the whole eye area with light-bending sea pearls for a bright, wide-eyed look. With the help of Sea Fern, which is basically a brown alage, La Mer illuminating eye gel is able to counter the visible effects of excess melanin around the eyes. The Illuminating Ferment helps to boost radiance, soothes and brightens. But what I love most, besides the amazing effects this product achieves, it also works as a primer under eye shadow to make the color really pop.

Generel tipps for a memorable gaze:

– Get enough sleep: beauty sleep is not a myth, when you are tried, your body and its circulation slows down and as a result your eyes become puffy with fluid retention.

– Wear sunglasses: they protect your eyes from UV light and the constant movement that of squinting in sunlight. (worst wrinkle-causing thing to do)

– Adjust your pc screen´s brightness level: the blue light and constant glaring can stain eyes and tries them.