Azzaro pour elle – An ode to modern seduction

“It is important to seduce. For me, fragrance is an essential weapon of seduction and I couldn’t do without it…

Loris Azzaro


Azzaro Pour Elle is dedicated to solar, glamorous and seductive femininity, offering a vision of a woman in step with who she is. Self-confident, playful, hedonistic and incredibly sensual, she is a bewitching woman who knows what she wants, “a daring woman”… always with that little something extra, but never revealing too much. She loves to play the game of seduction and add a spark to the everyday. Her perfume trail reflects her personality: sunny, sexy and elegant…

With rose and lily, the parfumes essence is precious and its aromas are generous, exuding a powerful yet delicate impression. A harmonious floral fusion perfect for the first warm evenings.

Available in stores March 2015, watch the campaign here: