Mode Suisse favourite Lyn Lingerie

My personal favourite of Mode Suisse 2015 is Lyn Lingerie, they totally knocked my socks off. Their hand crafted dessous are simply fantastic, sensual, sexy, provocative and frisky. All used materials are carefully selected for optimal comfort, high quality fabrics from Switzerland and France.

lynTheir philosophy:

Lingerie; it’s the first thing every woman puts on in the morning and the last they take off at night. It determines the rest of their outfit. And most importantly it determines how they feel. This is our challenge: To create designs that play with veiling and unveiling. To rethink how lingerie is made. To blend conventional and unconventional materials. To use and constantly challenge ourselves. To achieve our goal of creating playful, sensual & sexy lingerie.

With the talents behind Lyn Lingerie: Evelyn Huber and Ramona Keller

Desined by women for women. On February 28th Evelyn Huber and Ramona Keller, the amazingly creative ladies behind the brand will open a new shop at Frau Geroldsgarten in Zurich.