Jo Malone rocks the ages

Master perfumer Christine Nagel tried to capture the ambience of drama and character of the most defining British ears in six fragrances. She says: “We wanted to encapsulate these ages in scent, creating a collection that would playfully appeal to the imagination.”

From left to right: Tudor Rose & Amber, Lily of the Valley & Ivy, Pomegranate Noir, Geranium & Verbena, Birch & Black Pepper



Tudor Rose & Amber: Inspired by the dark grandeur of the Tudor age. Dramatic battles and feuding, this scent captures the dark side of the rose, reinforced with the sensual woody warmth of amber.

Lily of the Valley & Ivy: The grace of the Georgian age, Lily of the Valley combined with green ivy and fruity cassis. A new twist on a traditional fragrance flower, delicate and modern.

Pomegranate Noir: One of Jo’s best-sellers. According to Mrs. Nagel, it perfectly embodies the Victorian age. Central woody notes like guaiacwood and patchouli recall the wooden paneling of Victorian interiors.

Geranium & Verbena: Clean and herbaceous, like an abundant summer garden.

Brich & Black Pepper: the rebellious side of Britain, an ode to the punk bands. Just like punk, this scent is quite unusual, a dramatic contrast of smoky silver birch and spicy black pepper, fresh cardamom and resinous gurjum.

Available March 2015, CHF 72 in Switzerland exclusively at Globus Geneva and Jelmoli Zurich. (Limited edition)