Valmont – Expert of light

Let there be light!

FullSizeRenderbags The Swiss cosmetic brand Valmont has developed a new line that fights the signs of aging not age itself, that is dark spots like pigmented moles. Valmont brings together Asian beauty technics and European sense of beauty and research. With a series of eight products the Swiss brand has created a beauty ritual that cleanses, brightens, clarifys and protects the skin, as well as preventing further damage. Imbuingb the skin with a new radiance and remove imperfections that dull the complexion. With DNA-zinc, which is anti-inflammatoy,  calms and brightens, hexylresorcinol reduces melanin production, (level rises with age and responsible for dark spots) and B3 reduces its transfer into the skin, preventing discolouration – preserving the natural glow of your skin.

ExpertOfLight_FAMILLE_OKProducts & Ritual:

Step 1: Cleaning and brightening. The illuminating purifying foamer. Followed by the illuminating toner, which unifies the skin, rich in active ingredients, optimizing the effectivness of the treatment.

Step 2: Care. The clarifying infusion melds into the skin to deliver all the power. This highly concentrated serum targets and controls all factors affecting the skin´s radiance. The clarifying touch pen offers additional targeted treatment, specially designed to gradually reduce existing imperfections. The clarifying surge cream offers the ingredients that keep your skin healhy and glowy. Combined with the clarifying pack mask (applied once a week) you will get immediate visible results. It elimates surface cells that dull the complexion.

Step 3: Protecting and preventing further damage with two urban radiance creams (SPF 20 and 50). Both shield the skin with a transparent veil, creating a barrier against UVA and UVB. The SPF 50 cream was designed for protection against the many agressive factors of an urban environment.

Available April 2015, price list below:

Illuminating foamer – CHF 78                 Illuminating toner – CHF 78
Clarifying infusion – CHF 319                 Clarifying touch – CHF 119
Urban radiance SPF 20 – CHF 244         Urban radiance SPF 50 – CHF 244
Clarifying surge – CHF 294                      Clarifying pack – CHF 206

You haven´t heard of La Prairie´s biggest competitor yet?

Since 1985, Valmont has helped women and men control the visible signs of time. Heir to the Swiss medial legacy, the brand draws from the incredible natural resources of its homeland and latest innovations in cellular cosmetics. Valmont offers a comprehensive range of products that subtly blend refinement and anti-aging power.