European allrounder – Berlin city break – hard but hearty

View over Berlin from Puro Sky Lounge

The last time I´ve visted Berlin was 8 years ago and the whole city was a building side. I remember a lot of noise and dust. However, 8 years later, Germany´s capital, the Big B, as it´s called among Berliners, suprised me. The building sides have disappeared and the Big B has become one of the most stimulating creative and cultural centres in Europe. And although it´s also centre of the darkest spot in German history, it is now a multicultural prime example. Since I did the history tour on my first visit, this visit was focused on the new, the future and well, after scanning the pictures, I have to admit that food probably also played a very big part.


Where to eat while visisting Big B: Well, you can´t visit Berlin without eating at least one Curry Wurst and Döner. Suprisingly the veggie Döner stands had the longest queue, Veggies and Vegans are on the rise in Berlin. The best place to dig into some sashimi and maki rolls is DuDu. It´s so good that DuduCardseats become scarce at dinnertime, so it’s best to make a reservation. DuduPlate

If your taste buds rather cry for pasta and pizza, you can chose among ten posh italian restaurant, one of the most famous is probably Bocca di Bacco. The place where all the famous people go when in Berlin. However, if you would rather try one of the modern italian restaurant concepts, I would recommened L´Osteria. losteria2

Prosciutto Crudo with rocket salad – what a pizza

LosteriaThe pictures speak for themselves.

After dinner top spots: The Amano Bar was my absolute favourite, a chic place with great cocktails. The bar is managed by Martin Bauermann, who ran the famous Widder Bar in Zurich, before taking over the management of Amano Bar. Best quality and service guaranteed. I went for this beauty: RoseGin

Rose Garden: Bomaby Sapphire Gin, rose lemonade & rose leaves. This will be my drink this summer, very refreshing.

Enjoy the view: There are a lot of sky bars now, but you´ll get one of the best views at Puro Sky Lounge, a Berliner old stager.


It is restaurant, bar and club in one. An elevator takes you to the 20th floor where you can enjoy a drink and a very special view. (Picture of view above)

If you want good coffee, not just coffee, but that really really good one, you need to visit Double eye. Award winning baristas make the best coffee creations. No wonder its crowded with locals. One of the best lunch places is the KaDeWe gourmet floor. I lived in London for three years and there is not much what can keep up with Harrods, but I´d said this is even better. Take a seat at one of the many gourmet bars and munch… it is simply amazing.

Lobster soup
seafood plate
mouse-ear cap found at KaDeWe

While at KaDeWe stroll around the floors. It is a fashion mekka, all the big brands under one roof and you also find fancy things like this mouse-ear cap. KaDeWeHowever, Berlin is also a city of the fashion newcomers, like Lala Berlin for example. I spend two days simply strolling the quaters and could have added another three. For luxury brands visit Mitte and Friedrichstrasse, or Schlossallee. For the hipp and urban go to Schöneberg and Kreuzberg.

I really enjoyed my Berlin city break, ♥ Berlin and its people even more. I will come back soon!