Katz Contemporary – Anything but for the birds

Since its opening in 2008  the Katz gallery has established itself as a hotspot for Zurich’s contemporary art lovers. Frédérique Hutter, Founder and Director of the Katz Contemporary gallery confronts works of emerging artists with stars of the international scene.

I like art, who doesn’t, it comes in so many diffrent forms and expressions that there truly is something for each and everyone. But how does a philistine like me get to know the do’s and don’ts?

Art pro Frédérique Hutter

We have interviewed Frédérique Hutter for Zurich Deluxe magazine’s spring issue and got some surprising insides into the world of art and artists. In a special series, she will reveal to us what is important and what to look for, with tips for beginners like me. With years of experience and a very interesting personality she will open the doors to a whole new world. First off… it all starts with a gallery visist and ends with the conclusion that art is not about money. It’s about passion and the symbolic capital that each one of us sees in it.

Stay tuned and make the journey.

The magazine will be published 9th March, you can get a preview online under www.zurichdeluxe.ch on 6th March.

What is the cat letting out of the bag at the moment? Katz exhibits Leif Tenkler, Indian sky and selected works of Steffen Lenk. Portraits by Francois Berthoud, master of fashion illustrations are in the pipeline. Take a tour if you have the chance!