Bubbles Up!

I bought these soaps for my partner for Valentines day as he loves Penhaligons scents and didn’t have any of the soaps yet. He absolutely loves them and uses them everyday! They leave the skin so lovely soft and I can guarantee that the smell lasts on the skin all day too. QUERCUSSOAPBOX

They also last a very long time! Would definitely recommend these soaps as a little treat. The greenness of the basil and citron persist into the surprisingly resilient musk and sandalwood base notes. The vegetable based soaps are triple-milled for superior quality. Producing a rich lather, their gentle cleansing action leaves your skin cleansed and soft.


A recommendation by Sabrina Kaiser, editor-in-chief of Zurich Deluxe, St. Moritz Deluxe and Genève Deluxe.