A bottle just as beautiful as the scent itself

Lalique trapped timless beauty in an even more beautiful bottle. A bold new fragrance, reflecting the urban, contemporary, active life of the Lalique woman. Living_Lalique_100_ml_300_dpi

Crystalline notes of bergamot, sparkling black pepper and cool, sweetly aromatic nutmeg. In the heart of the fragrance, stands the iris, the queen of fragrances. From the moment the flower is planted to the extraction of the butter, before yielding its silky, powdery facets to perfumers, six long years pass by.


But the bottle that holds the scent is just as precious as the fragrance itself. It is with gold leaf that are produced by the Lalique crystal manufacture. Coffret_Gold_Crystal_Open_300 Four master glassmakers must work together to fashion the bottle, using the handcrafted hot mould technique.  Its motifs are polished and sandblasted, then each bottle is signed and numbered before it is sealed with baudruchage and a delicate gold thread. And even the box speaks of pure luxury, a luxurious white diamond-shaped coffret, inspired by René Lalique’s jewel boxes.

A fragrance for a truely cosmopolitan woman.

Now exclusivley available at Lalique Boutique Zurich – In stores May 2015

Eau de Parfume 100ml – CHF 175
Lait Pafume pur le Corps – CHF 40
Flacon Cristal – CHF 1´500

             Living_Lalique_Crystal_Flacon_with_Gold_Leaf  &

Flacon Cristal à la Feuille d´Or 120ml – CHF 14´500