Caudalie’s new VINOPERFECT

According to a poll carried out by Ipsos among European women, dark spots are number three beauty concerns for women of all ages, right after anti-aging. In this case the survey was conducted among women aged 20 to 60. Causes for dark spots differ from acne scars, sun damage, aging to pregnancy and other causes. These undesirable blemishes are the enemies of beauty and radiance. However you can protect yourself against the sun, you can stop yourself from squeezing pimples, but well the older one gets the more dark spots will appear, this is also due to a reduced production of the hormone melanin.

FLUIDE-VINOPERFECT-POISBLANC_LightLong before make-up was invented, women working in vineyards covered their faces and hands with grapevine sap. And it worked, the grapevine sap reduced the appearance of dark spots. Therefore Caudalie came out with Vinoperfect radiance tinted moisturizer SPF20. This all-in-one beauty treatment and complexion enhancer corrects and covers dark spots thanks to a formula that is both a care product and make-up. It works in combination with the serum to provide a powerful anti-dark spot approach. A combination of effectiveness, glamour, and vine science for maximum radiance.

How it works:

– Enables production of tyrosinase that regulates melanin production

– promotes microcirculation in the blood capillaries to boost radiance and clarity

– anti-infammatory ingredients limit melanin synthesis

– antioxidants protect skin form UV radiation


Provided that product was used on a daily basis, results will be visible after 45 days.

In stores and pharmacies April 2015