Not just a watch: RJ-Romain Jerome preserves German history in a time-piece

Celebrating 25 years of the fall of the Iron Curtain, RJ-Romain Jerome launches a new and exclusive timepiece in collaboration with The East Side Gallery: the Berlin-DNA, a new timepiece translates the euphoria felt in the wake of the reunification of Germany in the shape of a true piece of Art for the wrist. The collaboration with the East Side Gallery has allowed RJ-Romain Jerome to collect fragments of the wall which have been incorporated inside the dial of the timepiece – creating a truly unique piece of art, perpetuating contemporary history on the wrist.


The Berlin-DNA timepiece is housed in a 46mm black PVD-coated steel case and black ceramic bezel. Taken from above, the grey dial shows a section of Berlin outlining the three-dimensional streets and buildings. The dial is highlighted by the route of the Wall in red with a green Superluminova finish and a blue line recalling the Spree River. The design of the dial was inspired by the fall of the Wall, which occurred after the onset of darkness on the city. Therefore RJ has worked the entire dial in Superluminova allowing the streets and open spaces of the city to light up in the dark.


under light

The back of the watch, which is limited to 25 examples, beholds one of the most famous paintings found on the Wall of the East Side Gallery: “The Brother kiss” of Russian artist Dmitri Vrubel. Inspired by a picture taken in 1979, “The Kiss” illustrates Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and East German President Erich Honnecker, kissing each other after Mr. Brezhnev’s speech during the 30th anniversary of the Deutsche Demokratische Republik.

“It’s never too late to effect change. It’s never too soon to remember. It’s always time to Fight for a goodcause: the BerlinDNA.”