Long time classic gets pimped

Vase Tourbillons PM incolore SO @ Lalique SA
Vase Tourbillons PM incolore SO

Timeless modernity, bits of crystal to gussy up your interior. The new collection by Lalique reveals a fresh vision of an iconic design; the much-loved Tourbillion vase gets new colours, shapes and sizes. In 1926 René Lalique first imagines the Tourbillons vase, inspired by movement of the fern blossom. Almost a century later, it curves still follow the rhythm of light, drawing the eye into it.  Vase Tourbillons patiné bleu SO @ Lalique SA

The new vase comes in with a hand-applied blue patina, vibrant and mesmerizing, it’s a limited edition of just 288 pieces. A blue, that reminds of the sky, water, and peace. A little highlight and nice decoration idea for summer.