Kérastase Résistance Thérapiste – The second life of your hair

Cameron Russell is one of those icons who overflow with energy,
the kind that every designer dreams of. Because she express herself rather than simply posing and experiences
her hair as a symbol freedom, because she is brilliant, beautiful and so vibrantly alive, Kérastase saw its worldwide muse, the embodiment of Résistance Thérapiste, in Cameron Russell.

In April, Kérastase brings a new skincare range for extremely damaged hair structure to the market. The series is based on the discovery of KAPs (Keratin Associated Proteins), which form a network of connecting links around the Keratin. The number of KAPs decides about the structural integrity of the hair fibre and is the basis of the internal structure. Chemical treatments, such as styling and dyeing, decrease the amount of KAPs, which alone account for 50% of the hair fibre.

The Fibra-KapTM-Complex in the hair care line consists of six amino acids and wheat protein. The complex fills damaged parts and provides new flexibility and structure. A very special plant from South Africa rebuilds vitality. The Myrothamnus flabellifolia, which has the ability to survive in almost complete dehydration, as apparently dead, she comes back to life as soon as there is water. This care range is suitable for fine, lifeless or strong, damaged hair.


Product line:

Soin Premier Thérapiste, care for severely damaged hair wash before (reverse washing principle)

Bain Thérapiste, reconstructing hair bath (suitable for all hair types)KER Therapiste

Masque Thérapiste

Sérum Thérapiste, dual heat protection serum for the end (protects up to 230°C, suitable for all hair types)

 Q&A with Bruno A. Bernard, scientific director L’oréal Research & Innovation:

In What Ways do you regularly mistreat your hair?

At work, my hair sees it all. Blow dryers and straightening irons are probably the things that do the most damage. On days I’m not working, I give my hair a chance to breathe.

What’s your “HAIR CONFESSiON”?

Sometimes I cut my hair myself in front of my bathroom mirror… And I’m really not good at it!

What do you think of the resitance therapiste range?

It’s fantastic and so luxurious! It’s great to repair the abuse inflicted on your hair.