Cartier unlocks wishes

The topic of stones and the virtue that man ascribes to them is a trend that has been picked up by many brands this year. With Amulette de Cartier this theme has been brought to perfection. Like a talisman or lucky charm, a padlock-pledge, in which the knowing ear hears a personal wish.

67966-flexible-4605-current You can unlock your wish with seven natural gemstones. Rosy opal for joy and happiness, a green malachite, the gemstones of travelers for luck, hope and success along the way. For serenity, gentleness, wisdom and trust, there is a deep-blue lapis lazuli. Beautiful red carnelian wishes enthusiasm that lends you wings. 36045

The bright flash of the chrysoprase unlocks uplifting energy,harmony, creativity and personal enlightenment. The mother-of-pearl protects with its grey beauty. And last but not least, my personal favorite: The black onyx for the strength of the heart, for the courage of believing against all odds.

Which one is your favorite lucky charm?