KURE BAZAAR – Haute Couture Nail Polish meets sustainability

KURE BAZAAR the new nail polish line from Paris, is now also available in Switzerland. The colours are inspired by Paris street fashion trends, nevertheless Kuree BAZAA has a strong emphasize on natural and nourishing ingredients. The entire composition of the nail varnish is 100% vegan. At the same time, colours are resistant, long-lasting, brilliant and quick-drying.Kartika Luyet 1

Founded by the model Kartika Luyet after her pregnancy, where she began to pay more attention to what food and products she used and consumed.


For the upcoming autumn/winter season there will be three new brilliant colours: , Amore (bright red) and Kale (dark green).

Kure Sahara
         Sahara (red orange)
Kure Sahara
     Amore (new red)
Kure Kale
Kale (dark green)