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Bare legs in the office? Although temperatures are rising and more and more naked legs have crept into the office over the last years – it’s still a no-go.

Bring on the socks, but in the right tone. And that’s where most problems start. Especially in summer, it is important to pay attention to the right tone. In this context fogal came out with the ultra lightweight all nude collection. Make-up for your legs, according to the makeup principle: Perfection is invisible. And for all the ladies that don’t like tights, there are knee-high socks and stockings. To determine the tone, it is well worth to check the patterns.

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And although we are all happy about the summer days that are just around the corner, preparations for the autumn winter season are already running high. So fogal came up with something special. Tight-lovers will get the chance to win a 10 pieces set of the bestseller model Opaque (5 tights/5 leggings), by simply voting for your 5 favourite colours out of 60. You can do so here or in the stores (Voting opens 18th May). The most loved colours will be added to the product line. Happy voting and good luck!