It’s champagne o’clock!

The theme of Brut Nature 2006, is what is inside,” explains Philippe Starck. “The content is so strong that the bottle itself could get rid of all superfluous.”

The newly launched Champagne Brut Nature 2006 by Louis Roederer in cooperation with the designer Philippe Starck comes from the growing region Cumières. The area is benefiting from clay and limestone grounds as well as the reflecting light of the Marne River. The vintage is marked by a mild autumn and a cold winter, and repeating frost and lots of rain in spring. The summer, however, brought heat and thunderstorms. Nevertheless, the contrasting weather has produced promising grapes. At this time, the designer Philippe Starck comes into play, who is as the house Roederer itself, closely linked to nature. He only drinks unmetered champagne. The idea to create champagne, which was true, was born and the pursuit of an “honest” Cuvée began. Inspired by the region, a very ground-based, dry Champagne with no frills, came to life. Natural, pure, truthful.

The Cuvee Brut Nature 2006 by Louis Roederer and Philippe Starck relies on strong values: A liquid that gives the growing area a chance to speak, as if he had completely internalized his thoughts.

With Sabrina Kaiser, editor of Zurich Deluxe Magazine at the launch event of Brut Nature 2006.

Philippe Starck:”If I would have agreed to only design the bottle, I couldn’t have get close to the subject of truth. I wanted to participate in the development of the cuvée, so the bottle can be an expression of an honest approach, a real and complete co-operation and coherence
between design and the content.” The Result: An elegant, modern champagne, that relates to its history and roots, and of course it is wonderfully delicious.