The Pulled Pork Burger

During my time in London, I went to many Food Festivals and I loved it. Especially, the one at Bricklane market was a real pleasure. Last year, the Street Food Festival Trend finally swapped over to Switzerland. From 29th to 31st of May, the Dolder Kunsteisbahn in Zurich transformed into a platform for culinary delights for gourmets and food lovers alike with more than 100 stalls and trucks, preparing fresh dishes right on the side. Visitors could choose from innovative and diversified meals, burgers, dumplings, tacos, sushi, falafel, and much more. The most difficult part was to decide what I wanted to try. I started with a delicious Mango Lassi for 5 CHF and after an hour of seesaw I tried the pulled pork burger for 9 CHF, which was a lucky strike. However, I still don’t know weather the burger was too small or simply amazingly delicious, but I bought a second one right away. The only disappointment was that water had been sold out, so I went for a coke for 6,50 CHF, which is a very tough price, even for Swiss conditions.

Ice cream topped with caramalised popcorn

The sweet stalls however, uplifted my mood. The smell of fresh waffles, vegan cookies, cupcakes and ice cream topped with caramelised popcorn or chocolate chips, made me forget the heavy pricing. Overall, it was definitely worth the visit. I am looking forward to Volume 4, which will be taking place from 4th to 6th September 2015. The location is tbc, and although the Dolder Kunsteisbahn was a very nice location, it was a horror to find a parking space on the sight.

Festival Outfit

Generally speaking, one has to admit that Zurich needs more of these mobile food trucks that offer healthy, variegated, fresh but fast food.