Summer vibes with white lace

White lace is reserved for the bride? Well, only at a wedding, I’d say. From Louis Vuitton and Valentino to Givenchy, even the big brands acknowledge that white lace on a woman, looks way too stunning to set it aside until your wedding day.
DSC_0087_FotorThe runways were full of romantic white lace, weather it is sleek or tiered and sheer, I’d say it’s the hottest trend of the summer season, suitable for every occasion and can be used in almost any combination. Tops, blouses, skirts and especially dresses are hot this summer and although it projects a rather romantic look, this trend goes way behind it’s bridal image. Tastemakers like Harley Viera Newton recommend reaching for a streamlined silhouette and above-the-knee hemlines, add some colourful or modern/clean accents with accessorize and you are ready to go. DSC_0086_FotorWhite lace can be conservative or elegant as well as romantic or coquettish, despite many other trends, this one is a trend to invest in, a great wardrobe staple, that’ll keep designers busy for a while.