Have a boost

A cloudy complexion can have many reasons, pollution, smoking and stress are just some of many malefactors and most of them just have to be endured. But still, while we do that we still want that glowing skin.

Météorites Oxygen

Guerlain revealed Météorites Oxygen, a skin care product that revives radiance not only on the surface but also on the heart of the skin. Thanks to Oxygen light complex and the technology of the brands legendary Météorites powder technology. The skin booster and the powder pearls really work perfectly together.  But how does it work?  First, Météorites Oxygen optimizes oxygen transport by supporting cells that transport oxygen with the energy that it loose through age and pollution. Second, it reinforces the micro vascular structures with the help of Ruscus Aculeatus extract, a plant that is known for increasing blood circulation and its good effect on the capillary network.

Météorites powder pearls

Combined with the magic of the Météorites powder pearls, the skin looks revived and gets a naturally rosy radiance.