Do you believe in Karma?

If harmony, balance and positive energy are important to you, then this might be just the right perfume.

In 2014, Thomas Sabo dedicated a unique collection to this philosophy with the launch of the Karma Beads, charged with different positive properties. In September Thomas Sabo will launch Eau de Karma, a new ladies’ fragrance, with the same positive attributes as the beads.

THOMAS SABO_EAU DE KARMA_2015_Richard Ibanez
The perfumer Richard Ibanez

Created by perfumer Richard Ibanez, a specialist in the field of natural essences, the fragrance purpose is to make you contemplate and ‘breathe in’ well-being. Eau de Karma, as the scent is called,  impacts our senses like a hint of deliciously-fragrant energy, clear and pure, revitalising and simultaneously calming.


Head note: freesia, apple and black current

Heart note: lotus flower, rose essences, a hint of peony

                                                 Base note: warm amber, cedar and musk flatter

The flacon

A sensual-fresh fragrance that claims to have a soothing influence on body, spirit and soul. Harmony, inner balance, joie de vivre and optimism – Eau de Karma. It embodies the belief in reflecting in one’s own abilities and strengths and to constructively influence one’s life with a positive stance. Additionally, the flacon features a nicely designed cap and a faceted rose quartz as a further reference to the Karma Beads.

Available 18th September in all TS stores, department stores and perfumery.

30 ml – CHF 39/ 50ml – CHF 66