In vino veritas

The French family owned company Caudalie is known for its exclusive beauty products, that are made of vine and grapes, free from paraben, mineral oils and phenoxyacetic. Together with Dr. Sinclair, the guru of persistence, as the time magazine calls him, the beauty brand developed a new anti-aging product series.

Resveratrol Lift


About: Resveratrol acts on sirtuins to boost cellular energy. It also protects the collagen fibres, for a deep restructuring effect.

> It is stabilized and smart – Resveratrol is an unstable natural molecule that degrades on activation and thus loses all of its properties before being in contact with the skin. To prevent its in-situ degradation, Caudalie Research was able to stabilize it using an exclusive method so that its activity is triggered only on contact with the skin, where it acts in all its force.

> It is rich and multi-form, it offers not only all the pure and active substances it contains, but also all those that surround it in its natural environment.

> 100% French in origin. The vine shoots used come from Merlot, Cabernet and Sauvignon grapes.

What`s new?

The main news is the synergy of vine grapes and micro hyaluronic acids, which has the following effect: The research undertaken by Doctor David Sinclair and his team from Harvard Medical School highlighted surprising synergy between resveratrol, a molecule found in vine shoots and other plants, and micro hyaluronic acids. They discovered that this combination results in the overproduction of the hyaluronic acid naturally found in our cells. In addition to stimulating hyaluronic acid production, the new complex increases the activity of the genes responsible for collagen and elastin production, stimulates cellular energy, and exerts anti-glycation action.

The product line:

The firming serum: a fresh and silky oil-free texture that is instantly absorbed, with the benefits of a anti-wrinkle treatment.Firming Serum

Eye lifting balm: Anti-wrinkle, anti-puffiness, eyelid lifting firming treatment. Also hast he same effects on the lip area.

Lifting moisturizer SPF 20: Firming, lifting and protecting treatment, also an excellent make-up base.

Night infusion cream: Firming, anti-wrinkle and regenerating treatment: love the smell and texture!

Night Infusion CreamAbout Dr. Sinclair: Professor at Harvard Medical School in the field of genetics and co-director at Paul F. Glenn-laboratories, which is specialised in biological anti-aging research and the mechanisms of aging.